Brazil moves to prevent Covid-19 from entering prisons

The country's prison system is already inhumane as it is. But the Covid-19 spread could create a crisis of unseen proportions

Brazil moves to prevent Covid-19 from entering prisons
Photo: Joa Souza/Shutterstock

As we have covered many times on The Brazilian Report, Brazil’s prison system is a cesspool of human rights violations. Famously, one former Justice Minister said he’d rather die than spend a night in a Brazilian jail. These facilities are overcrowded, have little to no health conditions—making the prospect of letting the novel coronavirus enter prisons a doomsday scenario.

Supreme Court Justice Marco Aurélio Mello has asked all criminal execution judges to assess the real need to keep prisoners behind bars, as opposed to granting them parole. While the move must first be confirmed by the rest of the court,...

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