The reality of clandestine abortions in Brazil

Abortion is considered a crime in Brazil, but a huge number of clandestine procedures take place every year—and they are either highly unsafe or prohibitively expensive 

The reality of clandestine abortions in Brazil
Demonstration for legal abortions in Buenos Aires. Photo: Laura Rivas/Shutterstock

In Argentina, center-left President Alberto Fernández has promised to submit to Congress a bill for legal abortions in the coming days, which could make the country the first major Latin American nation to legalize the termination of unwanted pregnancies. In Uruguay, Cuba, and Guyana, abortion is already permitted by law. In Brazil, however, the practice is outlawed in almost all cases, and the existing legislation casts a spotlight over the deep socioeconomic and racial cleavages in the country.

Abortion in Brazil is considered a crime. Women who terminate their pregnancies can face prison sentences of between one and three...

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