São Paulo’s deadly war on funk

brazilian funk
Photo: Jardiel Carvalho/R.U.A Foto Coletivo

Gustavo Cruz Xavier, 14. Dennys Guilherme dos Santos Franco, 16. Marcos Paulo Oliveira dos Santos, 16. Denys Henrique Quirino da Silva, 16. Luara Victoria Oliveira, 18. Gabriel Rogério de Moraes, 20. Eduardo da Silva, 21. Bruno Gabriel dos Santos, 22. Mateus dos Santos Costa, 23.

In the early hours of last Sunday morning, these nine youths were killed after a police operation in the São Paulo favela of Paraisópolis. Militarized law enforcement broke up a Brazilian funk music street party—a gathering typically known as a baile funk—using tear gas and rubber bullets to kettle the party-goers into the favela’s...

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