Cleaning up the mud spilled by the Samarco dam

Cleaning up the mud spilled by the Samarco dam
The collapse of an iron rod dam spilled the equivalent of 25,000 Olympic-sized pools of mud.

This series about the Mariana dam collapse was originally published by Brio, in Portuguese. It was translated by Gustavo Ribeiro and edited by Christine Bootes

Chapter 4: Burying The Bones

Dawn broke on November 6 in Barra Longa with the city in mourning, residents crying as their city was covered with brown clay with black spots of iron ore. The light of day revealed the extension of the losses, hidden by the obscurity of the night. It was as though someone had poured a back cushion of asphalt from the sky. It filled houses, squares, schools. Toninho Papagaio would remember November 6...

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