Brazil and the rising tide of authoritarianism

As democratic institutions fail to respond to Brazil's needs, a wave of authoritarianism rises in the country. Some call for a military coup

brazil authoritarianism military dictatorship censorship
Military troops occupy Rio’s Rocinha favela. Photo: Fernando Frazão/ABr

On October 12, which is a national holiday in Brazil, a group of roughly 1,000 people took to the streets of São Paulo asking for military intervention in the federal government. “We need strong leadership to promote a cleansing in our political system,” said Fatima Soares, a 55-year-old lawyer who traveled from Rio de Janeiro solely to attend the demonstration in favor of authoritarianism. She continued: “We’re fed up with so much incompetence and corruption. No more, we say!”

A group of 1,000 is certainly not representative of a country that features a population of 207 million. Nevertheless, it...

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