SPECIAL REPORT | 2021: a make-or-break year?




The year of 2020 was, without a doubt, a trying year for the world — particularly for developing nations. Brazil was slowly climbing its way out of its worst recession on record, only to find itself thrown into an even bigger hole as the pandemic took hold. The coronavirus pandemic is far from being over, and 2021 will be a key year for the country. Will the highly-divided Bolsonaro administration manage to face the crisis? Or will it unravel? Mr. Bolsonaro took over a sluggish economy in 2019. Now, he is having to deal with a generational challenge from multiple ends: a health emergency, another recession, and an imminent job apocalypse. Many believe that 2021 will be a make-or-break year for Brazil. 

We explain why.

In a new 42-page illustrated report, we give a broad outlook on Brazil. Each section includes important data, presented in charts and graphs.

We plan on updating the report in February, so rest assured you will receive the updated version as well.

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