Bolsonaro tried to seal his wife’s charity grants. They are now becoming public

The government is conspicuously withholding data on First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro's charity program. Data will only become public after the election

michelle bolsonaro charity program
President Jair Bolsonaro and First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro certifying partners of the Pátria Voluntária program. Photo: Isac Nóbrega/PR

For almost ten months, The Brazilian Report has battled for transparency regarding First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro’s philanthropic grants for non-profit and religious organizations distributed through the National Program to Encourage Volunteering (‘Pátria Voluntária’). The program funnels money directly to charitable institutions. Once available through a dashboard on the program’s website, the data on donors, amounts, and grantees has vanished. 

Up until this July, the program had dished out BRL 12.9 million (USD 2.4 million), according to the federal government.  

To find the recipients of the money, it is now necessary to dig through data on a low-quality PDF file, the...

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