Brazil braces for pro-Bolsonaro putschist demonstrations

For the second year running, Brazil’s Independence Day celebrations have been hijacked by President Bolsonaro. Analysts, the Judiciary, and parts of the government itself are gearing up for what could be violent rallies on Wednesday

At the request of the Supreme Court, the Brasília police have blocked access to the Esplanade of Ministries for trucks and buses. Photo: Gabriela Biló/Folhapress

It was around 8:30 pm on Monday, September 5. Truck horns blared across the Brazilian capital. They were coming from supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro who were trying to occupy — with buses and trucks — the Esplanade of Ministries, a wide avenue in Brasília along which sit the headquarters of all three branches of government.

The demonstrators wanted to get ahead of the police, who have orders to block the avenue against vehicles ahead of Independence Day, September 7. The date has been a source of political tension since last year, when it was hijacked by Mr. Bolsonaro as a...

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