International bodies warn about political violence ahead of Brazil’s election

Cases of violence have increased and international organizations are turning their attention to Brazil, especially ahead of the September 7 independence day demonstrations

protests recife police violence
Riot police in Recife fire at demonstrators during a May 2021 anti-Bolsonaro protest. Photo: Flávio Japa/Fotoarena/Folhapress

With six weeks to go until the most polarized elections in Brazil’s recent history, organizations and authorities are making moves to prevent episodes of political violence from disrupting the vote.

There is reason for sounding the alarm. In the first six months of the year, Brazil witnessed a 32-percent increase in cases of political violence. These 214 logged cases involve 40 murders. And the issue is not restricted to one region — all Brazilian states recorded at least one case of political violence, with the exception of Amapá, in the North.

In July, a pro-Bolsonaro police officer killed a...

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