Prosecutor seeks to bury Covid inquiry legacy

A pro-Bolsonaro deputy prosecutor general calls for the dismissal of eight investigations ignited by the 2021 Senate Covid hearings committee

Prosecutor Covid inquiry legacy
Deputy Prosecutor General Lindôra Araújo: “the convictions of the congressional hearings committee are based on an unequivocal political judgment.” Photo: Nelson Jr./SCO/STF

After six months of work, the Senate committee that in 2021 investigated the Jair Bolsonaro administration’s Covid response left a comprehensive roadmap for federal prosecutors, recommending a total of 81 indictments. The list had nine counts against the president himself, including for crimes against humanity. But on Monday, the Federal Prosecution Office asked for the Supreme Court to shelve part of the investigation.

Deputy Prosecutor General Lindôra Araújo — who has in the past voiced support for Mr. Bolsonaro — said she found no evidence of wrongdoing on the counts of charlatanism, malfeasance, irregular use of public funds...

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