Ciro Gomes becomes Brazil’s first official presidential candidate

The politician has tried to thread a complicated needle to capture votes from both the far-right and the center-left.

ciro gomes presidential candidate
Ciro Gomes launched his fourth presidential bid on Wednesday. Polls suggest he will miss the runoff stage for a fourth time. Photo: PDT/Flickr

Ciro Gomes officially launched his fourth presidential bid on Wednesday afternoon, at the national convention of the Democratic Labor Party (PDT). His campaign, however, has struggled to find allies — and the vice presidential slot on his ticket remains vacant.

The 64-year-old center-left politician, who built his political career in the northeastern state of Ceará, has a long track record on the national stage. Besides serving as mayor, state lawmaker, and governor, Mr. Gomes also had a stint as a congressman and served two administrations as Finance and National Integration minister.

The presidency, however, has always evaded him. In his three...

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