Civil society runs to U.S. for help to fend off Bolsonaro coup threats

As President Jair Bolsonaro jacks up his attacks on Brazil’s electoral system, a delegation of Brazilian organizations is heading to Washington DC to discuss how the U.S. might respond to an attempted coup by the incumbent in October

inflation US fend off Bolsonaro coup threats
On Monday, President Bolsonaro hosted dozens of foreign ambassadors in Brasília to sow distrust about Brazil’s voting system. Photo: Clauber Cleber Caetano/PR

A delegation of 18 Brazilian organizations led by Washington Brazil Office, a U.S.-based think tank, will be in Washington DC between July 24 and 29 for more than 20 meetings with members of the U.S. State Department, U.S. Congress, and representatives of social organizations and unions.

The visit comes shortly after President Jair Bolsonaro openly disparaged the country’s electoral system in a meeting with foreign ambassadors — rehashing his years-old arguments against electronic voting machines (which have been repeatedly debunked by authorities). 

Mr. Bolsonaro’s move was seen by political analysts as a possible red herring as the far-right leader...

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