Bolsonaro threatens a coup before foreign ambassadors

Predictably, President Jair Bolsonaro tried to use foreign diplomats as a way to legitimize his red herrings about the electoral process

Bolsonaro threatens a coup before foreign ambassadors
President Jair Bolsonaro told foreign ambassadors that Supreme Court justices are planning a coup against him. Photo: Still from TV Brasil

President Jair Bolsonaro on Monday hosted foreign ambassadors for a chat in his official residence in Brasília. During the meeting, he threatened to stage a coup in Brazil.

“I’m being accused all the time [by Supreme Court Justices Luís Roberto] Barroso, [Edson] Fachin, Alexandre de Moraes, as a person who wants to stage a coup,” said the president. “I’m questioning [the electoral process] before [the elections] because we still have time to solve the problem, with the participation of the Armed Forces, which were invited by the Superior Electoral Court [to participate in the voting system’s security checks].”


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