Bolsonaro scores massive win as Congress passes his ‘Desperation Bill’

Next year's budget is set to hand out even more opaque grants to lawmakers, while the government moves closer to making a huge hole in the public spending cap to try and win votes

Bolsonaro's desperation bill poses lasting budget concerns
The opposition criticized Jair Bolsonaro’s “Desperation Bill,” but voted in its favor. Photo: Gabriela Biló/Folhapress

The Brazilian Congress approved a proposal that has become known as the “Desperation Bill,” which changes the Constitution and puts Brazil under a state of emergency until the end of the year.

In such conditions, the Jair Bolsonaro administration will be authorized to spend an extra BRL 41.2 billion (USD 7.7 billion) on social policies and stimulus programs until the end of the year — hoping to curry favor among the populace ahead of the October election. 

“Desperation Bill” is only one of the proposal’s multiple nicknames. Officials within the Economy Ministry have reportedly referred to it as the

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