Bolsonaro-Big Center relationship is an uneven one

President Bolsonaro has given the "Big Center" in Congress everything — and that still hasn’t delivered him many results in the legislature

Bolsonaro Big Center relationship an uneven one
President Jair Bolsonaro hosting a group of congressmen for breakfast at the presidential palace. Photo: Alan Santos/PR

Jair Bolsonaro’s relationship with Congress has been the worst of any president since 1985, the year of Brazil’s redemocratization. Data shows that it even failed to improve after one of his more controversial moves – the forging of an alliance with a group of politicians known for supporting any government in exchange of benefits, the so-called “Big Center.”

The Big Center is a loose federation of mildly conservative parties which lend their support to the government du jour for the right price. During the 2018 campaign, Mr. Bolsonaro promised to break with them — as it was a quintessential...

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