Brazil tried to soften UN Security Council resolution against Russia

Brazilian diplomats tried to get the U.S. to tone down a draft resolution condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but failed

Security Council Holds Late Night Emergency Meeting on Ukraine
Security Council holds an emergency meeting on Ukraine. Photo: Mark Garten/UN Photo

Moments after Russia had launched a full-scale invasion against Ukraine, a senior official within the Brazilian Foreign Affairs Ministry flinched when asked by The Brazilian Report if the country would back a UN Security Council resolution, drafted by the U.S. and Albania, condemning the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

The Ministry had instructed the Brazilian mission to the UN to negotiate a “softer” version of the text.

As Latin America’s biggest country and a non-permanent member of the Security Council, Brazil has been asked to side with Western powers and isolate Mr. Putin. But the country’s official statements...

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