Death of far-right guru to create ‘Bolsonarism without Bolsonaro’

Olavo de Carvalho, the ideological guru of President Jair Bolsonaro, died at 74. He will leave a considerable vacuum of influence on the far-right, and his legacy could further transform radical factions of Brazilian politics

olavo de carvalho
Olavo de Carvalho during an interview from his home, in Richmond, Virginia. Photo: Vivi Zanatta/Folhapress

One of the most important figures of the Jair Bolsonaro administration never actually held an official position in the Brazilian government, yet he appointed several cabinet members and high-ranking secretaries. He was ignored by academia, yet managed to gather thousands of disciples to follow his far-right philosophy. He never owned many possessions, was derided by members of his own family, and became notable for his potty mouth, firearm collection, and his curious anal fixation — yet he had a direct line to some of the most important and powerful figures in the country.

The astrologist, writer, professor, and self-taught philosopher...

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