Moro courting military officers upset with Bolsonaro

One of Bolsonaro's major support bases in the 2018 election were the heads of the Armed Forces. After years of strained relations with the president, challenger Sergio Moro is looking to win the hearts and minds of the military instead

moro military officers
Former Justice Minister Sergio Moro and former Secretary of Government Santos Cruz: together against Bolsonaro. Photo: Mateus Bonomi/Agif/Folhapress

After multiple twists and turns, Jair Bolsonaro has now officially joined the Liberal Party (PL), which he will represent in next year’s presidential election. To use an analogy Mr. Bolsonaro himself employs frequently, this is a marriage of interests. The PL wants to use the president’s political capital to boost its congressional bench in the coming election — hoping to become a central power broker regardless of whether Mr. Bolsonaro wins another term — while the head of state needs access to the party’s structure to help in his uphill battle toward four more years in office.

The move also marks...

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