Former Car Wash stars seek to build front for 2022 election

Sergio Moro, Deltan Dallagnol, and Rodrigo Janot rose to stardom amid Operation Car Wash and are now looking to leverage that fame into electoral politics

car wash politics 2022
Poster in Curitiba (Paraná state) praises Sergio Moro, the former Car Wash judge, and Deltan Dallagnol, its lead prosecutor. Photo: Theo Marques/UOL/Folhapress

Former federal judge Sergio Moro, task force prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol, and former Prosecutor General Rodrigo Janot were once catapulted to stardom for their role in Operation Car Wash — the biggest anti-corruption investigation in Brazilian history.

For the first time in Brazil, the operation held those in power to account, leading to convictions and even jail time for high-ranking politicians and executives. Car Wash’s key figures became anti-corruption crusaders to a significant part of the population.

But the majority view on Operation Car Wash has changed over the years, thanks largely to leaks of messages exchanged between judges and...

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