Bolsonaro blows it for whistleblowers

The government's new legislation weakening whistleblower anonymity is just the latest move by politicians to chip away at the country's anti-corruption framework

Bolsonaro whistleblowers corruption
Jair Bolsonaro during a Dec. 2020 event to launch anti-corruption measures, alongside Comptroller General Wagner Rosário and Economy Minister Paulo Guedes. Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR

The Brazilian president’s office adopted new legislation on Friday that allows for whistleblowers to have their identity revealed to senior officials “upon express justification.” The new rules concern the government’s hotline service for receiving formal complaints about misconduct of public officials

The legislation states that “the identification of the informant must be preserved by the presidency’s ombudsman when forwarding the complaint” to higher authorities. But higher-ups “may request information on the informant’s identity when it is essential for the analysis of the facts reported.”

The text gives senior officials the prerogative for deciding when a whistleblower’s identity is essential...

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