Covid inquiry yet to grill senator and ‘chloroquine brothers’ on ineffective drug scandal

A case revealed by The Brazilian Report is among the stones left unturned by the Senate’s Covid hearings committee

chloroquine senator
Senator Marcos do Val intermediated a hydroxychloroquine donation to a private hospital in Espírito Santo. Photo: Roque de Sá/SF/CC-BY 4.0

The Brazilian Senate’s Covid inquiry is approaching its end, with the committee’s final report set to be delivered next week. In charge of drafting the inquiry’s recommendations, Senator Renan Calheiros has confirmed that he will request the indictment of President Jair Bolsonaro and potentially members of his family for their involvement in Brazil’s disastrous coronavirus response, which has led to over 600,000 deaths and counting.

But there are still many stones left to turn in the inquiry’s lines of investigation, with the hope that other legislative bodies and prosecution services will use the Senate’s initial findings to launch their...

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