Brazilian center-right forces try to create massive new party

Democratas and the Social Liberal Party want to merge ahead of the 2022 election — and will become the belle of the ball for presidential candidates

right wing new party
Luciano Bivar is the chairman of the Social Liberal Party — and would head the new entity. Photo: Pedro Ladeira/Folhapress

As we explained at the beginning of the 2018 election campaign, coalition-building has become a lucrative business in Brazilian politics. A total of 24 parties have congressional representation, with the biggest party in the lower house holding less than 11 percent of seats. As such, making alliances is necessary for any ruling force. As former President Lula said in 2009 “if Jesus wanted to govern in Brazil, he would be forced to enter a coalition with Judas.”

In several industries — such as aviation, telecoms, or healthcare — big corporations have used mergers and acquisitions to increase their market...

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