Bolsonaro off-script speech leaves Brazilian diplomats fuming

By depicting an unreal Brazilian reality, Jair Bolsonaro undermined diplomatic efforts to restore Brazil’s credibility at the United Nations

Bolsonaro off-script speech leaves Brazilian diplomats fuming
At the 76th UN General Assembly, Bolsonaro decided to be Bolsonaro. Photo: Alan Santos/PR

Behind the scenes, Brazilian diplomats reacted with strong words to President Jair Bolsonaro’s opening address at the 76th UN General Assembly on Tuesday morning. 

Before the president took the stage, Foreign Affairs Ministry officials told the public Mr. Bolsonaro would deliver a “moderate” speech, following an address carefully drafted by Foreign Minister Carlos França. But, as we predicted in today’s edition of the Brazil Daily newsletter, Jair Bolsonaro went off-piste.

Mr. Bolsonaro once again used his privileged position as the UNGA’s opening speaker to talk directly to his most fervent supporters back home in Brazil — as he did...

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