Brazilian Health Minister sows distrust in vaccines for teenagers

In a surprise move, Marcelo Queiroga announced that the government has removed teenagers without prior health conditions from the national vaccination plan. Some states, however, plan to ignore the directive and continue as normal

vaccines for teenagers
Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga. Photo: Fernando Frazão/ABr

When the state of São Paulo rolled out Brazil’s first coronavirus vaccines on January 17, the Health Ministry treated the news as a crisis. Head of the department at the time, Eduardo Pazuello gave an enraged press conference complaining that citizens had received vaccines, calling the move a “marketing stunt.” 

Mr. Pazuello was replaced by physician Marcelo Queiroga a few months later, sparking hope that the Brazilian government would take a more science-based approach to the pandemic. But Mr. Queiroga has chipped away at that optimism on multiple occasions, either by echoing President Jair Bolsonaro’s nonsense against facemasks or...

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