Lula’s plan to build bridges with Brazil’s military

The military has hardly been an impediment to Jair Bolsonaro's threats against democracy. Lula, who leads 2022 polls, wants to make peace with them

Lula plan to build bridges with Brazil's military
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in 2004, alongside then-Defense Minister José Viegas, then-Navy Commander Roberto Carvalho, and then-Army Commander Francisco de Albuquerque. Photo: Alan Marques/Folhapress

In one of the most iconic phrases in Brazilian political history, journalist and politician Carlos Lacerda said of former President Getulio Vargas: “He must not run for president. If he does, he must not win. If he does, he must not take office. If he does, he must not govern.” Vargas, who had run the country between 1930 and 1945, won the election in question in 1950, but led an embattled government and committed suicide in the presidential palace before the end of his term.

Over seven decades later, left-wing parties in Brazil fear that the same logic might...

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