Brazil’s House set to bury Bolsonaro’s drive for paper ballots

Jair Bolsonaro signals that he will accept defeat in Congress, though doubts remain that this will end his insinuations over the credibility of electronic voting

speaker lira paper ballots
House Speaker Arthur Lira walks within the Congress building. Photo: Pedro Ladeira/Folhapress

After being rejected by a special committee last week, a proposal seeking to implement a paper ballot system in Brazil as early as next year now awaits a vote in the House. By forcing a floor vote tomorrow, House Speaker Arthur Lira hopes to end debate on the issue by producing an “unquestionable decision.”

However, there are concerns over the legality of such a maneuver by Mr. Lira, as well as over Mr. Bolsonaro’s reaction if the bill is finally rejected. As reported by The Brazilian Report last week, Mr. Bolsonaro has spent substantial political energy to discredit...

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