What to expect from the Covid inquiry’s second act

After two weeks off, the Senate's Covid hearings committee resumes work today, focusing on a number of lines of investigation involving corruption allegations during the pandemic

Senate Covid inquiry zeroes in on corruption claims in return from holiday
Chairman of the Senate’s Covid inquiry, Omar Aziz says the committee will zero in on corruption claims in return from holiday. Photo: Marcos Oliveira/SF/CC-BY 4.0

With Brazil’s Congress now back to work after a mid-year recess, attention returns to the Senate’s Covid hearings committee, which investigates the federal government’s pandemic response, holding its first session in over two weeks.

After three months of work — with another three still to go — the hearings committee will now focus its efforts on allegations of unjust enrichment in the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines and other services. Among the primary lines of investigation are claims that coordinators of federal hospitals in Rio de Janeiro took part in bribery schemes involving government contracts, with former state Governor...

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