Bolsonaro’s increasingly empty diary a sign of his political isolation

President Bolsonaro has met with lower house representatives just 60 times since the beginning of the year, signaling that his support in Congress is dwindling at the same pace as his public approval ratings

bolsonaro empty diary
President Jair Bolsonaro’s schedule is getting less and less busy. Photo: Alan Santos/PR

Roughly 15 months away from the 2022 election, Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro appears to be losing his grip on institutional power in the capital. As the public perception of his government corrodes amid its disastrous Covid-19 response and the involvement of key administration figures in alleged vaccine corruption scandals, his once improbable congressional alliances are also beginning to disintegrate.

One useful indication of this decay can be found upon analyzing the president’s official diary: between January and June 2019 — at the beginning of Mr. Bolsonaro’s term — he held 224 official meetings with lower house representatives at his...

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