Doctors “satisfied” with Bolsonaro’s health condition

It is still unclear when the president will be discharged from the hospital. With details scarce, observers fear his condition could be worse than reported

bolsonaro hospital health
Jair Bolsonaro posted on social media a photo of him in the hospital. Photo: Twitter/@jairbolsonaro

The latest medical report from doctors states that the health condition of Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro is “progressing in a satisfactory way” after he was admitted to a Brasília hospital on Wednesday morning with a bowel obstruction. The president was later transferred to a facility in São Paulo, amid suggestions that he may require emergency surgery. Doctors have not indicated when he will be discharged.

The lack of detailed information about Mr. Bolsonaro’s medical condition has given rise to a wealth of speculation, suggesting that the president’s prognosis may be more severe than doctors let on —...

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