The Covid hearings’ gamble to get Flávio Bolsonaro

The Covid inquiry rapporteur is going after two lawyers linked to the president eldest son, believing that Flávio Bolsonaro's fingerprints are all over the Covaxin scandal

The Covid hearings' gamble to get Flávio Bolsonaro
Fred Wassef (left) and Senator Flávio Bolsonaro. Photo: Mateus Bonomi/Agip/Folhapress

Since the Senate’s Covid inquiry began digging into the Covaxin vaccine scandal, President Jair Bolsonaro and his entourage have tried their best to muffle the case. Back in February, the Health Ministry signed a USD 300 million contract — riddled with irregularities — to purchase 20 million doses of the Indian-made immunizer

With suspicions regarding unit price, delivery dates, and a payment to a shell corporation in Singapore, the government canceled the deal as soon as the scandal came to light. “I guess they invented virtual corruption, right? We haven’t gotten a dose nor have we paid a dime for...

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