Covid inquiry arrests former Health Ministry official for perjury

The committee saw multiple witnesses lie under oath and escape punishment. It wasn't as indulgent with the weakest link taking the stand

senate covid dias arrest
“I won’t listen to tall tales from public servants who asked for bribes,” said chairman Omar Aziz (center) about Roberto Dias (left). Photo: Marcos Oliveira/SF/CC-BY 4.0

Over its nearly 40 sessions, the Brazilian Senate’s Covid inquiry has seen multiple witnesses take the stand and blatantly lie under oath. Time and again, the committee’s chairman Senator Omar Aziz chose not to call for their arrest. This afternoon, however, he was not so indulgent with the Health Ministry’s former logistics director Roberto Dias, implicated in corruption scandals over vaccine purchases.

Mr. Aziz said Mr. Dias lied on multiple occasions, and ordered the Senate Police to take him into custody. “He’s been lying since this morning. I gave him all sorts of chances and pleaded [for him...

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