The keys to impeach Jair Bolsonaro

Ousting Brazil's far-right leader remains unlikely, despite the opposition’s best efforts. Were it to happen, this is how things would have to unfold

bolsonaro impeachment conditions
Billboard thanking Jair Bolsonaro for his pandemic response is vandalized in Pernambuco. Photo: Rafael Melo/MyPhoto Press/Folhapress

Politicians from 11 different parties from across the political spectrum filed an impeachment request against Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday, listing 23 offenses he is said to have committed in office. The presentation of the so-called “super” impeachment request featured odd political bedfellows, including Trotskyist parties and ultra-libertarian members of Congress.

Impeachment requests against Mr. Bolsonaro number in their hundreds. This latest one might also be a non-starter, were it not for this broad — and improbable — alliance behind it, as well as its timing. The president not only trails significantly in polls for 2022, but his administration is also...

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