Over 11,000 public works ‘disappear’ from government records in data blackout

A new report found a series of problems in public works databases, with thousands of projects simply disappearing from government systems. The Economy Ministry has 30 days to fix the issue

works Bridge over the Paraná River. Photo: TV Brasil
Bridge over the Paraná River. Photo: TV Brasil

Designed to transport 150,000 people a day, work on the West Line of the Fortaleza subway system is marching on at a solid pace. There will be a total of five stations, four underground, along a stretch of 7.4 kilometers, seeking to service the population of the capital of Ceará state, in Brazil’s Northeast.

The project is set to be concluded next year, and is funded with federal government money. However, when looking at the administration’s very own database, the investment made for the Fortaleza metro line is nowhere to be seen.

A report issued by the

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