Death of São Paulo mayor reshuffles politics in Brazil and biggest city

The death of Bruno Covas leaves Ricardo Nunes in control of Brazil's biggest city. His links to São Paulo Governor João Doria could make the state a key piece of the 2022 presidential puzzle

São Paulo Mayor Bruno Covas
“Thank you, Bruno Covas.” Photo: Adeleke Anthony Fote/TheNews2/Folhapress)

The political class in São Paulo, Brazil’s biggest city, is in mourning after the death of Mayor Bruno Covas on Sunday. Aged 41, he passed away after a two-year battle with gastrointestinal cancer. Re-elected in 2020, Mr. Covas had just started a new term — and his death left the southeastern megacity in the hands of the relatively unknown Ricardo Nunes, who will now have to assert himself on Brazil’s biggest municipal stage.

Right up until his death, Mr. Covas continued working as São Paulo’s mayor, only stepping down after his final hospitalization. On Friday, he wrote a

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