Bolsonaro strategy to muffle the Senate’s Covid hearings

Trying to hijack the news, Jair Bolsonaro moved a major telecom event to a Senate function room, just meters from the Covid inquiry

Bolsonaro covid hearings fario faria communications
(Brasília – DF, 09/04/2021) Fábio Faria, Ministro de Estado das Comunicações (videochamada).Foto: Marcos Corrêa/PR

The Covid hearings are set for a busy week, with the highly-anticipated depositions of five current and former health officials: President Jair Bolsonaro’s four pandemic Health Ministers and the head of Brazil’s health regulatory agency. As we explained in our May 3 Weekly Report, this week is riddled with opportunities to embarrass the government in public. However, while Mr. Bolsonaro’s allies sought to obstruct the inquiry’s sittings last week, this time the president has found a way to create havoc without directly clashing with lawmakers.

Over the weekend, Communications Minister Fábio Faria sent a last-minute letter to Congress requesting permission...

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