Brazil says good riddance as Pazuello leaves Health Ministry

Brazil's outgoing Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello oversaw an exponential increase in Covid-19 deaths and did little to tame the pandemic

Pazuello and Bolsonaro
Eduardo Pazuello and Jair Bolsonaro during a ceremony in the presidential palace. Photo: Isac Nóbrega/PR

To sum up the 300-plus days of the Eduardo Pazuello era in Brazil’s Health Ministry, one needs to look no further than a quote of his from October 22 last year. “Gentlemen, it’s simple: one gives the orders, the other follows them.” After being publicly scorned by President Jair Bolsonaro for committing the mortal sin of trying to secure more vaccines for the country’s nationwide campaign, that is how the Army general-turned-cabinet minister described his subservient role in the government.

As a loyal soldier, Mr. Pazuello followed his commander-in-chief by pushing antimalarial drug chloroquine to local health officials...

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