Bolsonaro caves to police demands after austerity protests

Police forces around Brazil promised to cut ties with the Bolsonaro government if the administration went ahead with austerity measures

Bolsonaro caves to police demands after austerity protests
Bolsonaro prays with police officers in the presidential palace. Photo: Anderson Riedel/PR

Alongside the Armed Forces, members of police forces across Brazil mobilized to elect Jair Bolsonaro in 2018. As a former Army captain himself, Mr. Bolsonaro used this support from public security workers to promote his heavy-handed law and order platform, which spoke directly to some of the most pressing concerns of the Brazilian population at the time.

Once in office, Mr. Bolsonaro showered the Army, Navy, and Air Force with a number of perks, sparing them from the hard-hitting 2019 pension reform and dishing out an unprecedented number of executive positions to individuals from the barracks.

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