Bahia Governor: Bolsonaro’s omission leaves states on their own

With a lack of coordination from the federal government, state governors have banded together to organize their own pandemic response

states Governors Bahia Governor Rui Costa. Photo: Paula Froes/Govba
Bahia Governor Rui Costa. Photo: Paula Froes/Govba

For the second straight day, Brazil broke its daily record for coronavirus deaths, as states reported at least 2,286 new casualties on March 10, 2021.

The reasons for Brazil’s coronavirus collapse are manifold, starting with the federal government’s own cack-handed response to the pandemic and President Jair Bolsonaro’s reluctance to promote widespread vaccination.

Indeed, the behavior of the population also plays a part. Social isolation measures have not been effective. While a significant segment of the public is forced to leave home and work regardless — for fear of losing their job or being left without income —...

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