The dangers of Bolsonaro’s de facto military government

Sources fear that Bolsonaro is silently, but diligently, preparing a "front to remain in power in 2022, even if he loses the election"

The dangers of Bolsonaro's de facto military government
Image: André Chiavassa/TBR

Throughout the 26 months of Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency, his supporters have taken to the streets multiple times to call for military intervention. Of course, this is a not-so-subtle dog whistle for a coup d’état — an idea Mr. Bolsonaro has flirted with, but never truly set in motion. However, in a way, he has already given his supporters exactly what they’ve asked for, as never before in the democratic history of Brazil have the Armed Forces held so much power in the federal government.

One-third of Brazil’s 46 federally-controlled companies and a whopping 11 cabinet positions are led by...

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