Operation Car Wash used “methods of torture,” says Supreme Court justice

In an exclusive interview with The Brazilian Report, Supreme Court Justice Gilmar Mendes explains his critique of Operation Car Wash

car wash torture corruption
Supreme Court Justice Gilmar Mendes. Photo: Fellipe Sampaio/SCO/STF

The largest anti-corruption investigation in Brazil’s history, Operation Car Wash went out with a whimper — not a bang — when its task force was dissolved on February 3. Riddled with criticism for its alleged bias and overstepping of bounds, the probe’s reputation was torn apart piece by piece over the last 18 months.

Supreme Court Justice Gilmar Mendes, one of the staunchest critics of the operation, says that the task force’s tactics of obtaining information from suspects were akin to “methods of torture.”

In an exclusive interview with The Brazilian Report, Justice Mendes says that recently revealed...

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