Biden must cut ties with Bolsonaro, say experts

A damning report by the U.S. Network for Democracy in Brazil analyzes Bolsonaro's failures and advises Joe Biden to keep his distance

biden bolsonaro united states
Jair Bolsonaro during his 2019 White House visit. Photo: Alan Santos/PR

That U.S. President Joe Biden’s arrival in the White House was not well received by Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro is an understatement. And this enmity works both ways. A group of NGOs and experts from major U.S. universities submitted a 31-page document to the Biden White House, suggesting that it cut all agreements, negotiations, and political and economic alliances with Mr. Bolsonaro.

Indeed, there is much to undo. Since being sworn in as president in January 2019, President Bolsonaro embarked on an international relations U-turn, transforming the country’s foreign policy into an exclusively pro-Washington platform. Brazil began...

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