Government gives up on chloroquine-prescribing app, for now

The app was supposed to help doctors to care for Covid-19 patients, but continuously recommended the same one-size-fits-all treatments

app covid brazilian government
Photo: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

The Brazilian Health Ministry has decided to temporarily take down a government app designed to help doctors and patients navigate the early stages of coronavirus infections, launched less than a week ago. In many ways, the short-lived algorithm epitomized the way the Jair Bolsonaro administration tackled the pandemic. That is, it was an ineffective tool predicated on prescribing unproven treatments against Covid-19.

The app — named TrateCOV or, “Treat Covid” — consisted of a broad triage assessment with a number of questions regarding symptoms and potential exposure to people with confirmed coronavirus diagnoses. Once doctors or patients filled...

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