From Tarzan to Papa Smurf, humor comes first for these Brazilian candidates

Brazil's liberal electoral rules allow candidates to use bizarre nicknames on the ballot, often as an attempt to gather votes

joke candidates election 2020 brazil
“Santa Claus” runs for a City Council seat in São Paulo.

“Vote Tiririca, because it can’t get worse than this!” That was the campaign slogan of well-known Brazilian clown Tiririca — real name Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva — when he was elected as a member of Congress in 2010. He became the lawmaker with the highest number of votes in Brazil’s history, with 1.3 million people paving his way to the capital in what was seen as a protest vote, against the erosion of the population’s trust in politics.

As it turned out, it could get worse — much worse.

Tiririca was a pioneer. In the ten years that...

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