Brazil’s epidemic of political violence ahead of municipal elections

Brazil was shocked by a rise in political violence ahead of the 2018 election, but figures show that the 2020 campaign could be even bloodier

Brazil epidemic political violence ahead municipal elections
Photo: 1000 Words/Shutterstock

On Wednesday afternoon, 50-year-old bartender Valmir Tenório was taking a stroll in the tourist town of Paraty, south of Rio de Janeiro, when he was shot and killed, being survived by his wife and three children. Besides tending bar, Mr. Tenorio was running for city councilor for the second time in the upcoming municipal elections on November 15. The local police have yet to identify a suspect.

Two years ago, Brazil was consumed by a fear of political violence. In March of 2018, Rio de Janeiro City Councilor Marielle Franco was assassinated on her way home from a...

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