The growing wedge between Bolsonaro and the military

No president has cajoled the Armed Forces with more financial perks than Bolsonaro. But that doesn't erase his public scolding of military ministers

The growing wedge between Bolsonaro and the military
President Jair Bolsonaro during Aviator Day celebrations. Photo: Júlio Nascimento/PR

Last week, Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourão welcomed the commanders of the three armed forces for an unscheduled meeting. While the idea of an off-agenda meeting is not out of the ordinary — especially with the VP being a retired Army general himself — the mood was decidedly abnormal on October 21. The heads of the Navy, Air Force, and Army were there to complain about the repeated public scoldings of the government’s military wing, particularly from whom they least expected it: President Jair Bolsonaro.

Hours before the meeting, Mr. Bolsonaro had revoked a decision made by Health Minister...

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