Against vaccine, Bolsonaro son reactivates ‘Office of Hate’

A covert social media firehosing operation working within the government, the so-called "Office of Hate" is back

Carlos Bolsonaro Office of Hate fake news
Rio de Janeiro City Councilor Carlos Bolsonaro is the mastermind behind the of ‘Office of Hate’. Photo: Pedro França/Ag. Senado

Few politicians — if any — in Brazil have mastered the language of social media political communication as well as Jair Bolsonaro, who was elected president in 2018 after leading an almost exclusively digital campaign. One of his biggest assets in the war of narratives online is known to Brazilians as the “Office of Hate,” a shady group previously operating within the president’s office with the sole aim of firehosing the news with an array of attacks against any adversaries, journalists, cultural figures, and companies who are not aligned with the government.

The Office of Hate has been less strident...

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