The fall from grace of Sergio Moro

Once idolized by many as a Brazilian hero, Sergio Moro miscalculated his resignation from the government and is now bound for the U.S.

Former Justice Minister Sergio Moro
Former Justice Minister Sergio Moro. Photo: Marcelo Chello/Shutterstock

With the hubris that can only come from a president who sees his future secure at the head of the Brazilian government, Jair Bolsonaro emphatically declared the end of the country’s sweeping Operation Car Wash anti-corruption investigation on Wednesday, claiming his administration is now above suspicion. “I do not want to end [Operation] Car Wash. I’ve already ended Car Wash, because there is no longer any corruption in the government,” he exclaimed, during a press address.

Beyond overlooking the numerous corruption investigations targeting his inner circle — including his sons and wife Michelle — this pontifical claim symbolized Mr....

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