Brazil’s bizarre — and flat-out bullshit — public jobs

From typists to locksmiths, and even telex operators (hello, 1980s), there are thousands of public jobs that seem obsolete in Brazil

bullshit jobs
Image: André Chiavassa/TBR

This is Part 3 of The Brazilian Report’s special series on the Jair Bolsonaro administration’s proposal to reform public service in Brazil. Read Part 1Part 2, and Part 4. You can also download an eBook including all four parts at the end of this article.

In his best-selling book “Bullshit jobs: a theory,” American anthropologist David Graeber argues that millions of people across the world are knowingly toiling away in pointless, unnecessary jobs. Mr. Graeber considers a “bullshit job”— one in which even the person doing the job can’t really justify its existence, but they have to pretend...

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