How Bolsonaro deflected blame for coronavirus debacle

Many call Jair Bolsonaro the "worst pandemic president" currently in office. Still, he managed to deflect all blame for the coronavirus crisis

How Bolsonaro deflected blame for coronavirus debacle
“I’m with Bolsonaro,” reads voter’s facemask. Photo: Isac Nóbrega/PR

Back in July, digital influencer Felipe Neto published an op-ed video on The New York Times, arguing that Donald Trump isn’t the worst pandemic president, and that the inglorious title belonged instead to Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro. The YouTube personality joined a substantial crowd of critics — among them politicians, economists, and health experts — who denounce Mr. Bolsonaro’s nonchalance vis-à-vis the coronavirus. “He shows no sign of taking the crisis seriously,” said Mr. Neto.

And despite the overwhelming criticism — and no shortage of evidence of the Brazilian government’s ineptitude to manage a sanitary and economic crisis — Mr....

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