Paulo Guedes is losing the battle for Brazilian public spending

Two high-ranking members of Paulo Guedes's Economy Ministry have resigned, suggesting the ultra-liberal wing of the government is losing influence

public spending paulo guedes brazil economy minister
Paulo Guedes: “Super” he is no more. Photo: Valter Campanaro/ABr

On August 10, The Brazilian Report’s José Roberto Castro explained the internal struggles within the Jair Bolsonaro administration over control of the federal budget. The tug of war opposed the Friedmanites in the Economy Ministry — in favor of a hands-off approach to the economy — and the government’s military wing, which supports massive spending on infrastructure to generate wealth and development. Just one day later, it seems clear that the latter is winning the war.

Privatizations Secretary Salim Mattar and Debureaucratization Secretary Paulo Uebel resigned on Tuesday evening, citing frustration with the lack of progress in the ultra-liberal agenda...

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